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Adriana + James

the Adrianna suite was created as a proof for another client that ended up going in a different design direction but we just loved it so much I couldn’t help but developing it out for our collection. Inspired by sweet lace and sentiments, this casual wedding suite utilizes blushes and peaches to help welcome a spring wedding’s guests. Thanks to one of my design interns, Rachel for taking the invitation design and expanding it out into additional pieces. Rachel’s task was to stay consistent with the design feel but give the suite alternation and variation within the individual papers. I LOVE how she tied in the delicate nature of the lace border into all the rest of the suite without over-doing it! How do you guys think she did?

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this post has been a long time coming – thank you for letting me take most of the summer off to spend more time with my kids. It can be so hard to balance family with work and I am not the easiest person to tear away from the technology. While the Dingbat’s Agenda isn’t a direct source of blogger income, it is a creative place to share what I’ve been working on and other happenings. Summer fun is coming to an end as kids start school Wednesday, but that also means more time for updating you with all the awesome projects we’ve been shipping out. Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite summer memories.